Melissa's confession contradicts Ali's sequence of events


We always thought that Bethany was buried AFTER Ali was pulled out by Mrs Grunwald. That Bethany’s murder was supposed to mimic Ali’s attack to help her disappear. But Melissa’s confession seem to contradict this theory as it appears she finds the body right after Ali and…

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I signed up to get the texts from "A", and the last text said, "The Pawn can't be the queen. I win." A pawn in chess terms is the lowliest piece you have. BUT if it gets to the end of the opponents board, it can be promoted to a queen. Whoever is running the game now didn't want Mona to win. Since she was killed, it makes me think that Mona put all the clues together, or "reached the opponents end of the board". She could have been queen. She could have won.



This is amazing! Awesome connection, and I think this is exactly what happened, she even said “I win”.

This is just so sad ):


Two people were at Mona’s house!

With that amount of blood and no weapons, I suspected that two people were there - and this confirms it! Two different hairs.

The first one is most likely Alison: the color matches hers perfectly, and so does the lenght

Second: could it be Cece? (all the Paris references)

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So i'm hoping Cindy and Mindy are not the twins the producers were talking about, i hope just they're just some kond of foreshadowing or else i'll be pissed


this ^

seriously, those two haven’t said a word and I already want to punch them

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be a warning or indication of (a future event).

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Throughout the seasons, they’ve given us many parallels between Mona and Spencer. But on this last episode, they went out of their way to show us how similar they are were. From answering things at the same time to understanding each other, to going back to their personal…

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The music in Mona's room was saying; "Have you seen how pretty the girls are in Paris?" GUESS WHO's A PRETTY GIRL FROM PARIS ? CeCe !



Ooo, good catch :)

It has to be Ali or CeCe. xox

Alison isn't A?


Even if she isn’t, doesn’t change the fact that’s she’s sick, mentally. She’s gone rogue, as spencer would say. She smiled as she watched the liars cry at Mona’s crime scene. She most likely hired someone to do it or did it herself. No matter what she does from here on out she…

5x12 and 2x12


So ISo

So I saw this, and immediately thought: ok, that clearly a hint.

I went back to 2x12, and realized that they have many parallels - and maybe some hints?


Start at a point then go back in time: on 2x12, they start at the police station, then go back. On 5x12, they…

Om fucking g !!!

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I don’t write enough but always feel the need to elaborate.


I don’t write enough but always feel the need to elaborate.


why do people make viruses like why do you have to be an asshole

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